Myth 5: Gloves that are textured offer better grip

Glove wearers in the laboratory often favour gloves that have textured surfaces and particularly those with textured fingertips believing that this will give them better grip. Whilst this may be the case, a textured glove does not always equate with good grip. In fact it is possible to manufacture textured gloves with low grip and smooth gloves with high grip. Glove manufacturers often refer to “tack” (i.e. level of grip) and this is particularly relevant to natural latex gloves which are naturally “tacky”. Through the surface treatment (typically based on chlorination), manufacturers can alter the tack level. The question of tack is a constant dilemma for manufacturers. Too much tack leads to the gloves sticking together and having unacceptably high levels of residual chemicals (latter may be skin irritants) and too little, the gloves may be clean but provide not enough grip.

Reality: Grip on gloves is determined by surface tack, which is controlled by the level of chlorination and/or the coatings used by the manufacturer

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